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Freedom's Forge: Gathering the Tinder (Volume 2)

 ISBN   :   978-1981258741

You’ll forget you’re reading history”

In a decisive move, King George dispatches his elite troops with the dual purpose to both de-fang and behead the snake of independence in his rural American colonies. Alerted by sharp-eyed patriots, silversmith Paul Revere leaps into the saddle on his famous ride, gathering freedom loving patriots to the defense of liberty These forces would collide on the morning of April 19, 1775 Thrust apart by the thunderous roar of musketry, Scottish Expatriot Daniel Ferguson and his new bride Megan must sift through the ashes of flame-scarred Lexington, trying to gather those dear to them as the tenuous flames of liberty, so long wished for, suddenly combust and ignite Colonial America in this, the second book in the popular Freedom’s Forge series.


   Praise for Nelson Abbac's "Freedom's Forge"



"A wonderful ride through history. This is the most exciting book on the events (of our history). Written.. for all Americans" .      Michael Adam, host of  Rifleman radio



   "Excellent reading. Great way to feel how this country was founded. Not with dry facts, but human emotion and personal determination."     David E Sullivan III

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